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legend has it that this artist arts sometimes and that's about it for the origin story sorry


The Essentials
Name: shaina
Nickname: shai
Location: ur asshole
Age: 21
Height: 5'0 i'm a midget
Zodiac sign: leo
Any pets: a dumbass cat who won't leave me alone and a dog that runs into walls
Favourite thing about yourself: i have the astounding ability to do art nonstop then fucking stop for a month it's absolute shit but when i get those inspirations its very gud
Worst habit: ~~ procrastination ~~
Fun fact: i mess up my desk in like 6 hours

Identity, Sexuality & Personality
Gender identity: Cisgender
Sexual preference: um idk i like girls a lot and mayb guys
Romantic preference: do i have to fucking hipster label my shit i told you i like girls and sometimes dudes
"Kinsey Scale" score:  6 but eh a dude is okay if i rly dig him im confused
Relationship status: i'm in the homos
Myers-Briggs type: ISTP
Hogwarts house: uhh no

"Early Bird" or "Night Owl":  night owl i hate mornings i'm groggy and poop
Bath or shower: bath,,,,
First thought in the morning: fuck why cant i just have 4 more hours to sleep
Last thought before falling asleep at night: gay

Do you work or are you a student: SIGHS
What do you do good: art r u serious
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: is this a job interview

Habits (Do you…?)
Drink: yes, water
Smoke: no
Exercise: i did for two weeks then i noticed that that shit is hard so i took a break for like a week+ maybe i'll do it again rgrgrgur
Have a go-to comfort food: i don't eat when emotional eHHH but fries r gud!!
Have a nervous habit: I fix my hair, i cant stay still/move around, text garbage to friends pretending i'm busy on the bus or st

What is your favourite…?
Physical quality (in yourself): my uhhhm... hair i suppose
In Others: long hair rururur
Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): that i'm not an asshole
Food: balsamic vinegar salad w/ chicken
Drink: get me some walter
Animal: dude a pufferfish can fuck u right up don't mess
Artist/Band/Group: blue stahli ....
Author/Poet: idk
TV Show: oddities
Actor/Actress: i don't fucking pay attention
Blogger: idk


also i might update my wix site over to a site like weebly, and construct a stable TOS over there.
somethingggg a bit more show-y of what yer gonna get and more visual examples perhaps.
or i might just revamp my own site.
who knows.

now you know i'm a 21 year old with a kawaii complex and sass.


mouth of vines, crucified
I am in a chronic state of tired and i fart a lot


i'm not allowed
No Pregnant by skinnyveestamp

thank you for the watches, favs, comments, and critiques in advance.

:iconchroniceyesore: is my girlfriend and we plan to dominate the world by birthing gay babies because only gay people make babies. if you never seen a lesbian before don't be deceived, lesbihonest i'm really a monster under the guise of a human like everybody else, except i'm a lvl 90. i'll fuck ur shit up
Daisypath Anniversary tickers

look at us dumb nerds walk this fucking path u think it'd take just 10 seconds to cross it but apparently we're slugs and it takes 12 months to read the end of a 50 meter path

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